Glycovax Pharma develops a vaccine against COVID-19 - A semi-synthetic vaccine in the preclinical phase

MONTREAL, Canada, April 21, 2020 – Glycovax Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company based in Montréal, is actively working on the development of a new vaccine approach to counter COVID-19. The prototype glycoconjugate vaccine is currently in the preclinical phase.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of researchers and scientists at Glycovax Pharma, has analyzed the specific biomarkers of this virus. This research made it possible in particular to discover that several biomarkers identified on the virus are part of the library of glycoconjugate immunogens developed within the framework of the work of researchers at Glycovax Pharma. In addition, the structures of these carbohydrates are very similar to the structures on which the company has focused its work since 2017.

This discovery prompted Glycovax’s scientific team to test its glycoconjugate vaccine candidates with a view to developing a first prototype of a semi-synthetic vaccine to counter COVID-19, which could, after a successful phase of clinical trials, be then manufactured quickly and on a large scale.


“In response to this pandemic that is causing death here and around the world, our researchers are fully engaged in this war against COVID-19. Their research on sugar chemistry has allowed us to develop a semi-synthetic vaccine for the population, whose goal is to prevent and destroy coronavirus in a safe and economical way to be produced on a large scale. Within three months, with the appropriate resources, we will be able to assess the effectiveness of our vaccine and whether it is able to destroy the COVID-19 virus,” added Dany Valiquette, President of Glycovax Pharma.

About Glycovax Pharma

Glycovax Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company comprising a team of scientists evolving among the world elite in glycochemistry, glycobiology, immunology and nanotechnology. This team has designed a family of therapeutic tools based on glyco-nanomolecules that are revolutionizing the way to treat patients with cancer and other conditions involving bacteria and viruses.
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