Board of directors

Glycovax Pharma was born from the meeting between two groups of experienced professionals committed to creating and repositioning tomorrow’s medicine.

Dany Valiquette President and Co-Founder Glycomax

Dany Valiquette

President and co-founder
Pierre Rouleau, Vice President, Chief Legal Officer Glycovax

Me Pierre Rouleau

Corporate Secretary
Marc Beausoleil, Executive Vice President Glycomax

Marc Beausoleil

Executive Vice President
Daniel Granger, C.M., MBA, Director Glycovax

Daniel Granger, C.M.

35 years experience, in law, communication and public and strategic relations management President ACJ Communication
Daniel Boismenu, Ph.D. Vice President Scientific Affairs, Glycovax

Daniel Boismenu, Ph.D.

Vice President Scientific Affairs
André Pajot Director Glycovax

André Pajot

Details about30 years of experience in sales and operations management, cost control, partnerships and strategic relations. team member