Board of directors

Glycovax Pharma was born from the meeting between two groups of experienced professionals committed to creating and repositioning tomorrow’s medicine.


Dany Valiquette

20 years of business experience in the structuring and valorisation of innovative companies - private and public - involving internationally renowned scientists.

Marc Beausoleil

Executive VP
20 years of experience in advising innovative technology companies. Investment fund manager. Funding of several hundred companies and a seat on numerous boards.
Dr Pr Roy René

Dr. René Roy

Founder, Research VP
40 years of research experience. 340 scientific articles, 2 books, 4 patents and 2 commercial successes. Several million children saved thanks to his vaccine against meningitis caused by Haemophilus influenza type B (HIB).

Dr. Daniel Boismenu

VP Scientific Affairs
35 years of research experience. 2 postdoctoral fellows in mass spectrometry of pharmaceutical molecules. Co-creator, proteomic platform of Montreal and of Genome Quebec.

Pierre Rouleau

40 years of experience in business law. Accompaniment of numerous issuers in public distribution of securities and their listing on the Stock Exchange, in various sectors of activity.

Scientific advisory board

Dr. George Newkome

Scientific advisor
World renowned specialist in organic chemistry, supramolecular and nanotechnology. One of the precursors in the discovery of dendrimers. Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017.