Our management team combines expertise in several fields of business development: the structuring and management of innovative companies involving renowned researchers, their development, their access to financing including the public market, their promotion and valorization.
Dany Valiquette Président Glycovax

Dany Valiquette

20 years of business experience in the structuring and valorisation of innovative companies involving eminent scientists.
Marc Beausoleil VP Exécutif Glycovax

Marc Beausoleil

Executive VP
20 years of experience in advising inno-vative technology companies. Investment fund manager. Emerging business financing Board Director
Pierre Rouleau, Vice President, Chief Legal Officer Glycovax

Me Pierre Rouleau

Vice President, Chief Legal Officer
40 years of experience in business law and corporate financing. Senior partner, Jurislis law firm.
Dr Daniel Boismenu Ph.D. Administrateur Glycovax

Daniel Boismenu, Ph.D.

V-P Scientific Affairs  
35 years of research experience. 2 postdoctoral fellows in mass spectrometry of pharmaceutical molecules. Co-creator, proteomic platform of Montréal and of Génome Québec.
Serge Moffett Ph.D. Directeur Immunologie Glycovax

Serge Moffett, Ph.D.

Director - Immunology
17 years of pharma industry experience in the development of medicine for therapy and detection of cancers. Postdoctoral fellow in biochemestry. 4 scientific articles and 5 patents.

Tze Shieh Shiao, M.Sc.

Director - Glycochemistry
Expert in the chemistry of dendrimers and synthetic vaccines. Co-author of 200 scientific papers and communications and also a patent on glycoconjugates.