Scientific team

Led by the renowned researcher Dr. René Roy, our scientific team is part of the world’s elite in various areas of medicinal chemistry. Their desire to save lives is now leading their work towards unexplored fields of science, making the most of the cutting-edge knowledge in nanomedicine.


Dr. René Roy

Founder, Research VP
40 years of research experience. 340 scientific articles, 2 books, 4 patents and 2 commercial successes. Several million children saved. Eradication of meningitis in Cuba.

Dr. Daniel Boismenu

Scientific affairs VP
35 years of research experience. 2 postdoctoral fellows in mass spectrometry of pharmaceutical molecules. Co-creator, proteomic platform of Montreal and of Genome Quebec.

Dr. Serge Mignani

Scientific development VP
Expert in medicinal chemistry using nanotechnologies. More than 130 publications and more than 100 patents to his credit. Specialist in the development of new drugs resulting from innovative therapeutic strategies.

Tze Shieh Shiao

Team leader
Expert in the chemistry of dendrimers and synthetic vaccines. Co-author of several scientific papers, communications and also 1 patent on glycoconjugates.

Dr. Rabindra Rej

Senior scientist
35 years of research experience. Extensive operations in biopharmaceutical industries. Unique expertise in the establishment of molecular synthesis protocols.